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Platinum Fund is an investment firm that's focused on funding innovation in the decentralization movement.

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Why Raise Capital with Platinum Fund?

5+ Years in Operation

Platinum Fund has been a key ingredient in the success of numerous projects since 2016. We have supported hundreds of projects on their journey through ICO, IDO, IPO, STO and ILO.

300+ Projects

The Platinum Fund portfolio includes over 300 projects that have now reached the Top 100 on CoinMarketCap.

Networking Power

Platinum is a hybrid, hyper-connected fund that connects experts, investors, founders and innovators.

Deep Understanding of the Industry

Working on DeFi projects and funding them for several years, Platinum has accumulated the necessary experience to guide newly launched projects and to lead their funding process.


The future is in 'multi-chains' and Platinum supports projects on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, Polkadot and TRON. We go for the idea and don't 'block' chain.

If you are helping to shape the future decentralized world and our vision resonates with you, write to us at: [email protected]
Our Portfolio
A multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that revolutionizes yield farming.
NFT Stars
A multi-chain NFT world with its own marketplace, games, vaults and DAO community.
A tokenized travel platform that incentivizes users to travel and share their experience.
Coins Under Management
Platinum Fund Team
Platinum Fund is a team of experts in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere that's passionate about what they do.
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